Friday, March 1, 2019

Back roads to Brno

We woke to see it had snowed heavily overnight and it was still snowing.  We quickly revised our driving plan for driving on the minor roads and decided to stick to the larger secondary roads.  The weather forecast said the situation would improve as the day went on so we set off.  It turned out the worst of the snow situation was driving down the sloping driveway at our pension, and the rest of the journey wasn't too bad - in snow terms anyway.  The day was characterized fog, followed by periods of sun, returning to fog.

Our 1st stop was the town of Jindrichuv.  It was Sunday, and having parked the car we weren't overly hopeful we would find a cafe open.  But on the town square there was a cafe, and coffee and cake.  Chocolate cake for Andrew and a Linz biscuit - just because of the fact we hadn't found any pies in Linz itself.

Warm and  re-caffeinated it was time for a walk around.  Until I saw these photos together I hadn't realized how consistent the colour palate had been there.  These painted buildings were certainly typical throughout the areas we visited this year.

It was a charming little town, even on a cold Sunday in the middle of winter.  There were a couple of oddities with some modern sculpture at the Museum of Photography,  markers denoting the 15th parallel, oh and some old goats...

Back onto the fog/sun road, driving through plenty of plantation forest we made our way to Telč.  Telč was one of those places that when you arrived, it took your breath away.  The painted houses around the town square  were 'picture-perfect'just like in the guide-books.

The 1st goal was to find food and we spotted a small cafe on the square that had plenty of people in which was always a good sign.  Turned out they were 40 Chinese tourists on a bus tour, but the food was still good.

Lunch we had a walk around the town square before getting back on the sunny/foggy road

And in classic style we have the "Goat dance", an Andrew Original

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