Monday, December 10, 2018

Tel Aviv

We took a taxi to our AirBnb, 1 block from the beach.  It was great to be able to be at the beach.  Andrew was brave and actually went for a swim, for me it was way too cold and getting my feet wet was enough.  We looked at the sun-worshipers and the prevalent bat & ball games being played along the beach. The sun sets about 4:30 so days are short and winter is not far away.

The next morning we set out on foot to Jaffa (Yafo), the old port. The port has a long history and is closely associated with the warehouses where the Jaffa oranges were stored before being exported to the world and biblical ties to Jonah & the whale.

We wandered the port and streets before coming to the flea market.  There is a huge market and street shops and plenty of people perusing both.  We looked and didn’t buy anything before heading to Puaa for sublime lunch (cuban Chicken and Meat Sandwich).  We have eaten so well this trip.

We were staying close to HaCarmel market so it was an easy journey.  As usual we enjoy walking around markets and seeing the produce and items.  Coffee in Israel has been excellent.  Once thing we have noticed is an over-use of plastic bags and other packaging.  There has not yet been a movement towards reuse/recycle, instead everthing is put in plastic and placed inside a plastic carry bag.  At the same time we have seen public recycling bins.

What do you mean I can't have more food today?????

The other notable item in Tel Aviv was the number of electric bikes and scooters.  They were everywhere and in much higher concentrations than we have seen anywhere – ever. 

Our final act in Tel Aviv was to have lunch at Miznon before we caught the train to Jerusalem. The restautant was not far from the train station so we rocked up with our suitcases and had a delicious gourmet pita sandwich before getting the train.  

There is a new rail link from Ben Gurion to Jerusalem which we took.  Having been directed onto the train we placed our bags and waited to start off.  We moved 10cm then stopped.  Then another 10cm and another shuddering stop. Repeat this 4 or 5 times and we were looking at each other.  Then an announcement was made in Hebrew and people rushed off the train.  With no clue as to what was happening we quickly followed.  We were directed the the train on the platform opposite, we sat down again and were soon off.  No the most efficient start but a smooth train journey of 30 minutes followed.

We arrived into the new central station and there was no lift but we were directed to the escalators.  And with took escalator after escalator until we saw the light of day.  Reading up later, it seems the line is 80 metres underground – which we can readily believe.  On to the tram and off to our final destination, Jerusalem

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