Thursday, May 17, 2018

Osaka and Hong Kong

We headed through to Osaka briefly before our flight to Hong Kong.  We basically ate and wandered around.  Not unpleasant at all.  Andrew was fascinated with the large Ferris Wheel – maybe because it was red I think.

And then a brief time in Hong Kong – but enjoyable as always.  We stayed in Kowloon for a change, so it was nice to check out some less familiar territory. 

We went to the very good Museum of Hong Kong history.  Initially I was a bit underwhelmed by the geological and dinosaur displays.  But once you moved into the ethnographic displays it becomes fascinating.  They have done it really well detailing ethnic groups and recent & not so recent history.  We ended up spending quite a bit of time here.

Sarah was brave, leaving Hong Kong island to come over to the ‘dark-side’.  We had a very nice meal together at a modern French Bistro :  Scarlett.  The food and wine (and company) were very good, but the Pimms we all had to start with was a major disappointment.  I guess you shouldnt expect a French restaurant to make a English drink :-) 
At the other end of the dining scale was our first night meal. We decided to stay close to the hotel and ended up at a local spot near Temple market.  Crowded tables of locals and a couple of pairs of foreigners suggested it was a good place.  Rough and ready it delivered good beers, delicious lemon chicken with a healthy side dish of broccoli and garlic. 

hk food

Of course a sign of bravery in any restaurant is seeing one of the chefs cooking in front of burning woks – without any shirt on Smile

hk food2

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