Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Return to Kapas Island, June 2017 version

In July last year we had a week in Malaysia on Kapas island.  We decided to do it again – we had not been to beach since then.

Before this, there was a weekend in Bangkok doing some errands: fixing phones, going fabric shopping etc. Andrew was so good and sat in the gentleman’s waiting chair.  He agreed that a stretch Hummer was not the most practical of vehicles, and that no, we neither needed a lap dog nor a dog pram to push it in.  But a fan is a very useful piece of portable kit when you are sitting in a humid train station waiting 10 minutes for the airport train to arrive.


Then it was the trip to Kapas via KL and then KT.  KT, Kuala Terengganu, is the town nearest Redang, the Perhentian Islands and our quieter and less touristed destination Kapas Island.  Last time we did this trip we were supposed to spend the night in KT but when Andrew left his iPad on the plane and we had to do a detour rescue mission to retrieve it, that plan went by the wayside.  So this time we deliberately added a full day there.  The town turned out to be a quietish, provincial city, worth a look but not a destination in itself.

Then it was onto the small boat that ferried us to the island.  There had been a bt of rain the day before but Monday was clear and sunny and made for a pleasant 15 minute ride.  In fact it did not rain at all the entire stay even though quite a bit of rain was forecast

Turtle Valley is a laid-back place with simple accomodation and fantastic food.  Sylvia and Peter and the crew do it well.  This year it was Ramadhan and although that had no impact at Turtle Valley it did mean there were not the dining restaurants open at lunchtime each day.  We did not starve , we adapted our routine to be back at Turtle Valley each day for a lovely lunch.
The water was good, and we swam and snorkled.  The walkways that had been built around the island are quite an asset.  The island was quiet with only a few tourists mid-week and at times we had beaches entirely to ourselves.  The one thing that did not leave Andrew alone were the mosquitoes.  They LOVED him and left lots of bites.  He had time on his hands and actually counted what he could see.  He thought there were 300+. 

We had 4 relaxing days there and then it was back to KL for a couple of days.  We arrived into KL Sentral station at about 6pm on Friday night.  We took the circle train to our hotel.  We have never been squashed into a train carriage as much as we were on that leg.

After checking in we decided to head out for dinner.  But outside the heavens had opened and a massive tropical downpour was happening.  We stood and waited 15 minutes or so, and finally decided to brave it as it was sort of easing off,  And the restaurant we wanted to go to was about 400m away.  We got sooo wet and the restaurant was over-airconditoned and freezing, but we had a good steak. 
We walked, did some shopping and generally enjoyed a little bit of city.  One of the highlights (unexpected) was visiting the Japan Store by Isetan.  A new concept store with beautifully curated products, simple and sophisticated it was a visual treat and we spent quite a lot of time looking around all floors. 

Stayed @ Holiday Inn express and ate well The Ship, Lot 10 and Taps beer

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