Saturday, December 3, 2016

Shiraz: Mosque and gardens

Given I was still a bit under the weather, but Andrew's cold seems to skimmed over him, we had a slow day.  Andrew was a bit aggrieved when the coffee shop we had been to yesterday was not open as we went past at 8:55.  He got a little more agitated when we crossed the road bridge only a couple of minutes later and he could see it had opened. But we were not backtracking - we had things to do today!

[It is OK, as he stopped there on the way back to the hotel after lunch for a very nice international standard cappuccino.  Ba Na cafe - tick of approval from Andrew.]

We headed to the Nasir ol Molk mosque or the Pink Mosque as it is sometimes known.  A very beautiful mosque it is known for its stained glass and pleasing design.  We were lucky and had it to ourselves plus a couple of other independent tourists, before 2 rather large and loud French tours groups arrived.

Along the street we watched a couple of bread-shops churning out the local flat bread.  Fresh out of the oven the locals 'dry', fold and carry their bread away

Nearby is the Naranjestan gardens which Andrew wandered around while I had a rest on the seats outside.  The name comes from the sour orange trees planted there.  The buildings which had started construction in the 13th century had been used for public meetings and administrative purposes 

It was back to the Bazaar area and the restaurant,  Sharzeh traditional restaurant, we had previously thought was closed. We got there before a large French group and had very good lamb kebab and rice.

In the heat of the day we retreated to the hotel before venturing out for more food.  At a local takeaway we did the 'point and smile routine' and staff were very patient with us.  A local family had watched us while they ate their meal.  The father had been building up courage to come and talk to us.  His English wasn't as good as some, but he just wanted to shake Andrew's hand, ask him where he was from, and wish welcome to Shiraz.  

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