Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Once again we returned to Porto. This time we had a small studio apartment a 5 minute walk from the centre of town.

Small shops and street side vendors remain the mainstay of the shopping scene.

We wandered the streets following a bit of an unofficial food tour - managing some Chaves pastries before lunch.  Then lunch at a superb spot Flor dos Congregados  - so good we came back from a dinner there and later in the day some pretty good eclairs.  These were all good, but coffee everywhere was pretty average - there is just not a big coffee/cafe culture here.

There is also a growing street art scene with some really nice pieces out there

The weather was pretty average while we were in town which was a shock after the hot temperatures in France.  We took the tram out to the beach at Matosinhos.  But it was cold and threatening rain - so the visit was more like the 'Shipwreck' sculpture on the beach then a fun day on the sand. 

 But the sun did shine at time, we ate well and explored and had fun

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