Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Krakow, Poland

I had never been to Poland and Paula had been about 15 years ago.


Our week’s trip started in Krakow, a spacious place that had a lovely city square for tourist, smart horse and cart services, stunning church and plenty of places for dining and shopping.

We quite liked that the horse carriages sat with pretty girls encouraging the punters and then when the hire was commissioned a sturdy older man would jump up and operate the carriage.

The old town is surrounded by a green area with mature trees so one could walk and sit in the shade. This was much appreciated given that the temperatures were in mid to late 30 degrees. It was a very clean and tidy city. All the traffic stopped including trams when crossing pedestrian crossing, such a contrast to Lao where crossings are seen as mere decorations.


Kraków did have the loudest and most penetrating ambulance sirens I have ever heard. This was observed when having a refreshing beer.



We walked extensively to the old Jewish quarter. The impact of peak holiday season meant we could not go to some places as they were sold out. This included a planned trip to Auschwitz. And we planned badly and tried to visit the Oscar Schindler factory in the afternoon of the one day of the month that it closed at lunchtime. Oh well, we saw the outside.


Krakow was not heavily bombed in WW2 so there are many attractive historical buildings. The castle on the hill is stunning and again spacious. We looked at the historical amour display which was impressive.


We ate well and given the strength of the meat orientation I was very happy. And the like beer and most forms of alcohol so I did not suffer dehydration. A number of the restaurants we dined at in the evenings were cellar level, underground. One spot 'Granny Raspberries' we sat on pine benches, ordered at the bar and waited for our number onto appear, while looking at a room decorated with all the kitsch you could imagine. Portions everywhere were definitely generous. Lots of pierogi (dumplings) were consumed.

Another gem was the aeroplane museum that has a substantial collection of Eastern Block aeronautical pieces, different and worth a visit. There was a replica of an early plane Blieuit, that is pictured in a sketch at Waikanae bach.


As 'tech expert' I get to post and edit Andrew's contributions and I couldn't leave out innovative inventor-Andrew. Today, repurposing a beer can as an iPad stand.












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