Sunday, May 24, 2015

Back in Vientiane version 2015

Just in case you had not heard – we have returned to Vientiane, again.  This time it’s for a more certain length of time because I have a job for the next couple of years here.

Initially we have returned to our apartment of 2014 while we look around for an alternative.  Andrew is hoping to find one with a pool – so he has incentive to do the searching.  Although he may want to add this sofa to his list of requirements.  He has already claimed “Andrew’s corner”.  A full lounging position with a spot to put your wine or beer glass.

Andrews corner

Sometimes I am allowed to sit there, but if I do there is a definite degree of sulking and evil glares from the displaced-one.

Andrew is currently on domestic duties, but as soon as some work comes along he’ll be resigning from that role.

His shopping skills are currently in development mode.  He doesn't speak the lingo (nor really do I, but I can do numbers) so when he goes to the market and there is no calculator to put the prices on, he fans out a range of notes and lets them pick out the appropriate notes.

And he is learning to read the packaging.  We have recently tried Salt flavoured toothpaste.  Yes, those little grains on the label represent salt.  And it tastes as bad as sounds.

saltnot salt

Now he knows you turn the packet over and look for English.  This is our new packet of traditional minty toothpaste with English on one side of the box and Thai on the other.

On the other hand he has slipped immediately back into the regime of waving to the bartender and finding that another bottle of cold Beer Lao will instantly appear at your table.  If waving is considered an language we can say he is totally fluent, capable of ordering beers and requesting the restaurant bill anywhere in the world.
Good to be back

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