Monday, September 8, 2014

London: shows, museums and registry offices

Our few days back in London were filled with eating, musicals, the imperial war museum and a registry office wedding.


We were lucky to be given birthday present tickets to Les Mis by the three girls. We had both previously seen the show many many years ago, but it was absolutely superb to see it again. The singing and 360 degree use of the stage are amazing. And we can't forget to mention an excellent modern Vietnamese meal at the House of Ho prior to the show.


It was a bit of a worry when we sat down that the lady next to Andrew turned around and told us she was so excited, that she & her husband were from Hong Kong and that they came to Les Mis each time they came to London, and that although she knew all the words by heart she promised not sing. Luckily she was pretty normal through the actual performance.

We went to the Imperial War Museum on two separate mornings. It has only recently fully reopened after a £40million refurbishment in time for for WWI commemorations.


On the 1st visit we only managed to see the special WWI exhibition and part of one of the 5 floors. There was timed entry into the exhibition but it was insanely overcrowded. The displays were interesting and well done and we could have spent longer but the crowds we oppressive.


Below is the foyer with a number of hanging displays and relatively speaking, not many people.


And we had a lunch destination that we needed to get to. Ottolenghi, in Islington, was well worth the effort of getting there. All of the food was simply divine and we could happily have returned the following day.


The next day we did go back to the War Museum to check out the remainder of the floors. The range of exhibits covered the 1st World war through to current day operations. None appeared to be glorification of war and were interesting social history. The only thing we didn't like was the explanations of an exhibit area were off to the side on a freestanding board. So if something caught your eye you had to wander away to read the story.


The main event in London was obviously the registry office marriage for Chloe and Aidan. This was an administrative event because they couldn't (easily) get married in France and this completed the legal requirements before the ceremony in France.


The ceremony was nicely done by the registrar at the Islington town hall and followed up with a drink at the pub.

Andrew managed to bump heads/mouth with Izzie but everyone was smiling and no damage done





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