Sunday, September 14, 2014

A 10 course Michelin starred tapas lunch- why not

When we were doing research on the region the restaurant at Le Vieux Logis in the tiny village of Tremolat kept hitting our radars. Ten courses, tapas style and repetitive comments of 'just do it, if you are in the area' combined with the fact it was on our route down to Bordeaux, we made a reservation.


We were seated outside under the Linden trees. At 12pm we were the second couple there but it soon filled up.


Then followed a menu of taste delights which sort of fell into 4 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts - all small plates, which over the two and a bit hours we sat there, left us satisfied, but not over-full.


Below are a sample of the courses- it must be said that all of them were fantastic. The best two we didn't photograph. Sometimes we were so interested in what was put in front of us we devoured the dish rather than taking a photo. One was the raw oyster, on a bed of tomato salad. As I don't much like tomato, I can only rely on Andrew's verdit of 'a surprisingly good combination'. And the oyster itself was delicious, the 1st time we have had something that rivals a Bluff oyster! The other was a piece of roasted pigeon, which was so flavoursome.

But worthy contenders included...some deconstructed vichyssoise, with petit truffle toasted sandwiches in the background

Why yes, we are happy to have some more foie gras wrapped in prosciutto

The fish MUST have been fantastic for Andrew (Mr I'm-not-really-into-fish) to sing it's praises
It was a big ask, but we also managed to devour strawberry crumble and lemon mousse (in the background)

And of course the perfectly balanced chocolate mousse and pieces of chocolate to round out the meal was edible.

For €49 each plus wine this was a good value meal. If you are in the area - just do it!


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