Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flowers, shopping & eating in Bangkok

As I needed to transit back through Bangkok on my return from Myanmar we decided that Andrew would fly to Bangkok and we would have a couple of days in the big city.  There are some posts coming about a very interesting few weeks working in the capital of Myanmar

This trip we decided we wanted to go a few new places for us.  First up however was the gentle ease back into Bangkok and a return lunch at our favourite French bistro Le Petite Zinc.  Another superb lunch under our belts we had a little rest to avoid the heat of the afternoon and then after 4pm we headed off to the central pier to catch the boat to the flower market. 

The market is supposed to be at it’s most lively at 4:00am, but we thought we would prefer to sleep at that time.  The market was still a riot of colour and sweet smells.  The sheer volume of blooms being sold and still delivered is staggering and the prices were amazing.

Flower Market 1

60 Baht for a bunch of roses is about NZ$ 2.30 or Orchids for NZD $1.35

Flower Market 2

The truck above is packed to the top with roses and bags of marigold heads were being thrown off the top. 
Flowered out, we headed further along the river to a new boutique shopping park located in replica warehouses on the waterfront.  Only open in the evenings people flock here to shop and to be seen.  It was a nice concept – 1500 shops, 40 restaurants and a Ferris wheel.  We were pleased we saw it, but we have no great desire to return.  Particularly as on our return it took 10 minutes for the free transfer boat to be able to tie up at the central pier – bobbing about while the regular boats come and went.  And then there was the length of the line of people waiting to get on the transfer boat – no way would one of us stood in that.

The next day was finally out to Chatachuck market, after years of going to Bangkok we had never been there.  Only open on the weekend it is a massive market and there are an estimated 200,000 visitors per day.  We got there early and enjoyed wandering around for 90 minutes.  It was noticeably busier and more crowded as we left.  We bought nothing except some roasted pork – Andrew was so enjoying it he rooted himself to the spot and wouldn't move until he finished.

A little bit of shopping the afternoon then down to another of our favourite haunts for dinner.  I forgot to ask for Andrew’s Massaman curry to be mild, and they served it up local style.  There was a bit of panting, sweating and the need for a cooling beer. 


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