Monday, March 11, 2013


We had a lunchtime flight to Zagreb. A one hour flight for $80 each seemed good value compared to a four hour bus from Dubrovnik to Split, then a 6 hour train through to the capital.

It was so much colder here than down on the Adriatic. A clue should have been all the snow we saw on the flight descent.

One little thing we have noticed in Croatia is how little car horns are used in displays of driver aggression. Instead it is most commonly heard when you see your friends. Then it is a case of peep-peep-peep wave-wave-wave peep-peep-peep :-)

The cathedral was an impressive building, with ornate decoration. The lady outside with a mental health issue, cackling and throwing insults to passers by, could be heard inside the cathedral and so was a bit distracting.


The St Marks church was also distinctive with its colourful tiles. These depict the coat of arms of the city.

After disaster dining in Dubrovnik we had a delicious experience in Zagreb. Andrew spotted a small restaurant that appealed and we later learned it had excellent reviews in the press. Trilogija restaurant with changing daily menus based on what is good at the nearby Dolac market, excellent wine and not too bad prices, was a superb meal.

Although we had limited time here the city has a nice feel. The sights are not over-whelmingly stunning in themselves, rather the whole package is an enjoyable place to be



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