Sunday, March 3, 2013

Welcome to Sarajevo

We flew into Sarajevo and fronted up to the immigration officers. There were no forms to complete and no questions about how long we were staying. In fact the immigration officers did not utter one word, just stamped our passports and we were in Bosnia and Herzegovina in less than 2 minutes after disembarking.

We met our apartment owner and she drove us into town. In the 15 minute ride we had our first exposure to the complicated issue of ethnic conflict here. When Andrew asked about the state of the skifield snow, he was told that he must go to Bjelasnica as it was in the federation area and if he went to Jahorina he would just be lining the pockets of the Serbs. And our lady had just explained how ethnically mixed her own family was, she is well educated and had lived internationally...

Anyway, the apartment was beautifully equipped, not particularly expensive and well located so we could walk everywhere.

And how could you not like somewhere that had Leonardo da Vinci in the bathroom?
We stowed our bags and headed out to have some lunch, change some money and to get a feel for the city.


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  1. enjoying following you around the world, global citizens. Alison and Alexander xx