Friday, March 15, 2013


We arrived into vienna after a 6 hour train trip from Ljubljana (1 change @Maribor )

After checking in and then going for a wander the 1st thing Andrew managed to find was a market where everyone was standing around buying glasses of wine and cheese! On the way home we stocked up with groceries for two evening meals - Austria doesn't really do Sunday shopping.

Sunday morning we headed off to our main destination of the day, the Kunsthistoriches Museum - the enormous art history museum.

We had good timing as the unbelievably good Kunstkamer had opened on the 1st of March after being closed for 10 years due to renovation and restoration. The Kunstkamer is the Hapsburg collection of treasures. A good background can be found here Kunstkamer reopening

As Andrew said " I have not seen so many wonderful things displayed so well since...(pause)...never. I've seen so many wonderful things". It was a case of room after room (20 in all) of collected wonders.

The only tiny negative was that so many other people were wanting to see this collection that there was timed entry slots. And when your time came, a wave of people would surge in. But the collection was so good you could almost ignore the number of people, the tour groups with their bleating leaders and that most annoying of species, the amateur photographer, hogging cabinets for a picture and not even really looking at the items. Yes we took some pictures, but as evidenced by their quality, they were quick captures of items that intrigued us.

The exhibition was further enhanced by the provision of tablets in each room with short videos that showed some items in more detail, or if they moved, it showed them in action.

After the Kunstkamer we progressed into the antiquities collection which was so beautifully displayed. However, in a calculated move, we didn't really give these the time they might if deserved. With a large floor of old masters to view, and the real danger of museum fatigue, we headed off to the painting galleries.

The large collection of Italians were good, but we both prefer other periods and the gallery of German Austrian and Flemish works was the highlight of the paintings for us. So many rooms of Durers, Reubens, Brueghels or Rembrandts. It was tiring work but so good.

At the end we had to return to see this painting because it was one of Andrew's favourite a, and I hadn't seen it. He described it as the painting with the children playing with crocodiles.


We did head out for a good lunch at a random place Andrew spotted. And it was a very nice find as the pizza was fantastic and very reasonably priced. Vapiano is a German chain the has branches everywhere - and it showed as it was a slick operation. You order from the chef who will cook it for you and it's all done open plan, the room was buzzing and was decorated with 2 real olive trees in the restaurant, fresh growing herbs at the table...


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