Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vienna backstreets

As we have both been to Vienna before (35 & 10 years ago) we set off on a self guided walking tour, focussing on some streets away from the big tourist sights. It was an excellent way to see some history, avoid the large tour groups and learn some more about the city.

First off was a gothic church Maria am Gestad, notable for the fact it is only 9 meters wide


After walking through some medieval streets we checked out the Hoher market clock, high up on an archway. Immediately beside the was a food store, like Moore Wilson in Wellington, but this was another step up. The coffee here was the best we have had in Vienna (so good, we came back again the next day) and it was a good chance to sample some Sachertort.


After walking through the Griechengasse narrow streets we wandered into an ornate Greek Orthodox Church, so sumptuously decorated.


Criss-crossing some more streets, wandering through a cluster of monks apartments (now converted for general living) we had been wandering for over two hours and lunch was calling us. We manged to stumble upon a small restaurant full of locals, which served us up Weiner Schnitzel and the requisite accompaniment of potato salad. Beim Czaak


Rested, fed and watered we headed off again for some more streets and churches before finishing the route at St Stephens. It was the 1st time in the day that we had seen hoardes of tourists.




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