Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sarajevo: War scars & walking

A brief, and very simplistic summary of the siege of Sarajevo. It lasted from 1992 - 1996 and it is estimated that 10,000 city residents died in this time. The rest survived in a city constantly under shell fire - there were an average of 300 shells per day over the time of the siege and as a result almost every building in the city was hit at some time. There were snipers in the hills constantly picking off people, there was no running water and intermittant utilities.

Walking around the city today many buildings still shows the scars of this time with bullet holes and shell marks - and this is nearly 20 years later. Other buildings have been resurfaced, repaired or repainted.

We walked through residential areas on our way up the hill to the fortress to get a view back down the river valley. It is a city surrounded by hills and there were two common themes - everywhere you looked there were mosques and their minarets and in every direction there were the densely packed cemeteries.


After a walk around the local neighborhood it was back down to town for a spinach pie spiral (yum). A wander through the streets and home for a rest. We are in a mode of early rising, walking for hours every day, and going to sleep relatively early. We haven't even glanced at the section in the guidebooks titled nightlife!

And here's a big shout out for Macedonian wine - good value and a very nice wee drop.



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