Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sarajevo: Lunch and monuments

Today the sun was shining, the sky was blue and we were off to tick off a number of monuments and famous buildings.

First up was Szvro's house. A wealthy trader's house dating from the 17th century. It was surprisingly interesting and a glimpse into a way of life.

We visited the Christian cathedral

The Serbian orthodox cathedral, much of the restoration funds came from Greece

And the the outside of the Gazi Husrev Beys mosque. We actually came here a few times as each time we managed to arrive at a time when prayers were happening and never at the right time...never mind

We tried to go to the old Jewish synagog & museum the next day, but it was closed as it was a public holiday. So no clean sweep of all the religions this trip.

Lunch was a gastronomic delight. The restaurant Mala Kuhina had consistently appeared as a recommended venue and we had wisely made a reservation as we walked past earlier in the morning. With only 10 seats and 3 shotgun seats at the bar, combined with the fact it is only open for lunch, you have to plan ahead to make sure you get a spot. And it was so worth it. For a mere $41 Nz we had soup, 2 shared mains and one of us managed to find room for chocolate cake.

Well fed from lunch we had a light evening repast at the Pivnica HS - the Brewery restaurant. It was a good spot for a beer and a bite. This was in spite of the fact we were amongst a handful of people and the waiters weren't really interested in serving. The brewery had been on our hit list ever since we both read the novel Cellist of Sarajevo by Stephen Galloway. The story described how residents had dodged snipers bullets to cross the river in order to fill containers of drinking water. The Brewery was a source of drinking water and was a both a life-saving necessity and a high risk activity.

A huge space, decorated in style and next to no one at 7pm


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