Saturday, March 23, 2013

Budapest Market

Today's main destination was a visit to the Budapest Central Market. It was Saturday and quite busy with locals doing their shopping.

However we weren't tempted to buy anything. In fact the opposite was the case when it came to the carrots on display. Here comes a dump of carrot photos and Andrew can't stop me because he isn't advanced enough with this mobile blogging program to do so...

These weren't so bad but I still wouldn't be ordering carrot soup

The state of these would make me question whether I would want to buy your eggs, Mrs Stall-keeper

Not wonderful with those sprouting ends (and your parsnips don't look up to much)

But I wouldn't be buying these with the mould growing on them! Yes big wads of mould hidden in this display

On the other hand the garlic, peppers and paprika all looked good.

On our walking we have come across a lot of street art.

One of these is real, the other is a statue




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