Thursday, March 21, 2013

Buda Castle .

We awoke to snow and cold temperatures.

But we didn't realise how cold until we walked across the Chain bridge to get to the Castle. The wind chill was so intense our lips were nearly numb in the time it took to get across.

After paying about NZ$9 each for a return funicular ride we were pleasantly surprised to find free entry to the Hungarian Art Museum. March 15th is Hungary National day and a public holiday.

The art museum was far, far better than we had anticipated.

There was a special exhibition of Thorma paintings, covering his painting period from about 1885 through to the 1930s. Some of his works were exceptionally good. Equally as good were the 1800s paintings which had a style we haven't seen consistently anywhere else. There were three enormous floors of works and we were justifiably tired at the end of it.

We had a warming lunch of soup and moussaka before wandering around the castle area.

Back down the hill to the Pest side and we visited St Stephens Cathedral, close to our apartment. A lovely church but not sure about how lovely the mummified hand of St Stephen, displayed in the chapel was.

It was good to get home into the warm!


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