Sunday, June 10, 2012

Off Inle and Back to Rangoon

Having had an interesting time on Inle we decided to head into the lake town of Nyaungshwe for a look around before our 2:30 flight back to Rangoon.

lake inle 1lake inle 2

The lake was beautifully calm and sunny and it was a nice trip back.

inle 4inle monks

At about 11:30am the sun was beating down and we were wilting under the protective shade of our umbrellas. By chance only we found the cafe we had been looking for as it had been highly recommended in the lonely planet - there was no way we were spending time searching streets in this heat!

Lin Htett Traditional food was a local place with a good picture menu so we could order easily. Having selected our curries Andrew was most distressed to hear there were NO cold beers - they had just arrived and had only just gone on ice. Breathing deeply to manage his panic and distress he order a nice cool lime drink.


We watched people come and go and still our meals had not arrived. Eventually we asked the waitress and she said the chicken and potato curry took longer as the potatoes had to be cooked from scratch. When the meals arrived they were really good and totally authentic - no tourist modifications here. (and note the Aung Sang Suu Khi calendar on the pole of the cafe)

We left and before getting back to our minibus transport stopped for a cold beer for Andrew. Which he subsequently spilt half of across the table - a very sad look when that happened.

Our return to Rangoon was via Mandalay. So a 30 minute hop back to Mandalay then we sat 25 minutes on the Tarmac while passengers got on and off. This wait just about killed us as they also stopped the air-con and we sat fanning ourselves with the emergency briefing laminated cards. It was so go to be back in the air and cool.

A slow ride back into Rangoon centre, rush hour again, before we headed back to the lovely Monsoon restaurant for another tasty meal to finish our Burmese trip.

Sule Pagoda

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