Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello Hanoi

We decided a trip to Vietnam was a good idea and booked some flights.  Having made that commitment we then realised we were smack in the middle of 2 days of national holidays: 30th April –Reunification/Liberation holiday and 1st May – May Day holiday.  Actually we only realised this after we purchased overnight train tickets to the distant hill station town of Sapa, and then found the entire town was booked out.  It was a super feeling having non-refundable 12 hour train tickets to a remote destination, and nowhere to stay while there.  A wad of money for an expensive room that a travel agent found for us, sorted that problem and we could then focus the break away.

Liberation day

Being the intrepid travellers we are, we decided to take the minivan from Hanoi airport to the city. A half hour wait to fill the van, 17 of us filling every available seat and the created aisle seats and we were off. Stories abound about the scams pulled by Hanoi airport taxi drivers, so we were pleased the $2 per person solution worked like a charm.

Presumably for safety reasons with the manic Hanoi traffic, Andrew wore his road-cone orange trousers (which he had purchased in Sri Lanka) out for dinner. Andrew always comments how comfortable these trousers are. Quote of the evening was at the night market when the said road-cone-orange-trouser-wearer tried on some quite bright red framed sun glasses " No, I don't think these are me - I don’t want to appear too flashy"

Hanoi Road Cone

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