Friday, March 30, 2012

Phnom Penh: in a style we wish to become accustomed to

With a couple of days to fill between dental appointments, we flew off to Phnom Penh. 

At the airport we had the choice of a Taxi for $9 or a tuk-tuk for $7 – of course Andrew snapped up the tuk-tuk.  What better than arriving into the Cambodian capital, at rush-hour, to spend over 30 minutes navigating traffic, fumes and the heat in an open air tuk-tuk. 

tuk tuk2

It must be said that the tuk-tuks here are a class above those in VTE in terms of comfort and speed.
andrew 72 sharp

It made us laugh when we pulled into the circular drive of the luxury hotel, Raffles, in our tuk-tuk.  Disembarking from our transport, we wandered into reception - with just hand luggage and wearing travel clothes.  Classy.

On the other hand the 5 star Raffles-Le Royal was all class. We were lucky to get a good corporate price deal through contacts here in VTE.  And remember, we balance such excesses out with a week in a tent back in NZ.

And it must be said luxury is very appealing.  Our own personal concierge, who remember our names when we met him around the hotel.  Water being brought you as soon as you sat down at the pool.  Every staff member being trained to smile and say hello.  mmmmm
raffles 3

Our room was lovely, and tastefully understated.  We were quite comfortable thank you.


But things got even better on our second day.  On returning to our room we discovered a leak from the ceiling.  Initially they attempted to fix it, but being unable to we were upgraded to a suite on the same floor.  It is lovely to have your own work desk, two televisions, a full dressing room and all the other basics one expects.

 raffles 2b
Strolling around the colonial style verandas and viewing the lush gardens made the outside heat and life seem to be a world away.
Raffles 1
Does a stay in a 5 star hotel warrant an entire blog post?  Definitely.  Who knows when we will have this level of luxury again, the memories will have to sustain us until we win Lotto and undertake lives of decadent splendour.
And we saw neither monkeys or mosquitoes


  1. Really roughing it I see. Dont know how you coped with it all you intrepid travellers...

  2. Wow..what a cool experience, definitely worth its own blog post!