Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hello Koh Samet island

What do you do if you have a few spare days and are traveling with Andrew? You head to a beach of course.

We took the bus 200km down to Koh Samet, 3 hours 10 min south of Bangkok and then the ferry across to the island. There we hopped in the back of a ute with about 10 other people for 3km drive to our accommodation, the Ao Cho Grand View. It was the bumpiest ride we have had in a long time. It even made Laos roads look like motorways in comparison.

Transport cost us Bus 157B + Ferry 50B+ taxi 40B =247B; or about $NZ 10 each

Our bay was perfect for us: the beach and swimming were great, there were very few people and the nightlife was ...well the there just wasn't any loud nightlife.

Each evening we wandered along the beach and ate at a beachside restaurant watching the fishing boats with their green lights, night fishing in the distance.
We did walk along the beach tracks to the nearby beaches which were far busier and more developed. Peace and quiet were lovely in comparison.

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