Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dental Tourists

Before heading back to NZ Andrew planned to get some dental work done. A preliminary visit to a well regarded dental hospital before Christmas planned the procedures, and he booked in for mid-Feb. But then they kept changing the appointments and requirements so he changed to another clinic. Since the change it has been smoother sailing, and the dental surgeon turned out to be the one he saw at the dental hospital,as he splits his time between the two establishments.

So we packed full bags - full of winter clothing we used in Europe - and headed off to Bangkok by the overnight train. It was a tiring trip this time. We were in 2nd class as here we no 1st class cabins and the train did seem to sway a lot more. The 1st class are just behind the engine, whereas ours was the last carriage and I think we suffered from swing the tail syndrome. Left sway...right sway...left sway...right sway...shudder...judder... shudder

Saturday afternoon he had an initial examination which resulted in a full day of appointments scheduled on Monday(and I got to spend a lot of time sitting in the dental waiting room)
After a quiet Sunday at 10:30am Monday, he strode off for root canal procedures. About 12:15 he walked back into the waiting room a little less perky than he had been 2 hours previously. I'm not sure if the correct terminology is 2 root canals with 5 roots or 5 root canals on 2 teeth...but you get the picture. A soft lunch of waffles and strawberry sauce helped lift his spirits, before he returned for a 1pm cleaning session.
A bit of downtime back at the hotel then the 5pm implant surgery. Actually this procedure was quick (under an hour) and apparently quite straightforward, and in the end not as daunting as it hard originally seemed.
A relatively quiet Andrew walked back to the hotel, but he managed to show a health interest in having dinner, so we managed to fit that in.

When we come back to Asia in a couple of weeks there is some follow up treatment planned on the root canals and tooth implant - but the hardest part is now over.

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