Friday, January 6, 2012


Some of the the German autobahn has speed limits and some of it doesn't.  The journey from Freiburg to Strasbourg had 40 minutes of "set-your-own-speed" so Andrew did just that.  Sadly there were other drivers on the road so he had to work with them and it was raining, but he did enjoy hitting 170km.  It was a real drag getting back on French roads at 110km.

Strasbourg is yet another character filled city and the main cathedral stunning.  The rose window in green and yellow is a change from the more predominant  red and blues.  And the astronomical clock is quite amazing when you realize the Swiss built it in the 1500's.  The construction of the cathedral started in 1015!!!

A wander around the petite France area and the central retail before hitting the motorway to our home for a couple of days,  Nancy.  Non-se not Nan-see.

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