Thursday, January 26, 2012

Skiing Wrapped Up

Andrew had a super time exploring the runs on the Ski field.  While we were there every day was clear and sunny.  But by the last day it was clear they needed some more snow as some of the areas were getting a bit icy.

We set up a GPS application on his phone for the last couple of days that measured highest speeds, distance covered, number of descents etc.  When we met up for lunch or at the end of the day the 1st thing I was told was how fast he had gone!  It was impressive to see he covered over 70 km of terrain in one day and reached speeds of over 70km/ph. at times.  Of course he was a very tired boy at the end of each day.


I spent my time happily limited to the easy slopes and that was enough for me.

In all the time we were in Europe, in winter, we did not see one flake of snow falling. (And the only time it rained was in Paris)

So our trip to La Clusaz was a success with good weather and snow, a quaint French village, and a nice little apartment.


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