Sunday, January 8, 2012

Metz and thunderstorms

Metz lies 40 minutes north from Nancy.  

A more subdued town in terms of historic monuments, the highlight is the Cathedral.  Begun in 1220 and completed in the mid 1500s it has one of the highest naves in France at 41m and some of the largest expanses of stained glass in the country.

We came, we saw , we wandered and then we drove back to Nancy.

The next day we travelled to Lille via a planned stop in Luxembourg. The journey was wet and maneuvering in 3 lanes between trucks, in the rain and tire spray, is taxing - to say the least.  We parked in a car park and emerged to rain and wind so strong, it felt like we were in Wellington. 

As we passed the Palace it started to rain even harder.  Being just on midday we popped into a modern restaurant and had an excellent meal.  

Outside there was thunder and lightening.  By the time we finished the storm was still pelting down so we basically decided wandering casually through the city was not appealing and we decided to head off. 
On our way back to the car we popped into the Cathedral.  In many ways it was representitive of Luxembourg itself.  The interior was light and luxurious, the space was warm and it was an attractive modern church.  It is late gothic (started 1613, with additions and renovation in the 1930s)

As we drove away the weather cleared for most of the journey except for one large dark storm which produced lots of forks of lightening and bucketed down for a short period.

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