Monday, January 9, 2012


We arrived in Lille and went to drop the car off near the railway station.  It sounded easy, but finding the office and then being able to get there on one way streets was much more difficult.  At one point Andrew turned very slowly through an intersection with lights.  When asked if he knew he was drivingz through a red light the response was "it doesn't matter, and I am driving slowly" ????

In the car drop off area I found the car office unmanned, but it looked like it was still open.  On walking back outside, holding our green National Car Hire folder in my hand a man who had been parking a car waved at me. I went over and explained we were returning the car and he took the keys...nothing to sign and we wandered away.  Having walked out to the street a horrible thought of "have we just given the keys to a car to a random person in a car park?" hit us.  "does insurance cover stupidity?" So we walked back t the office, and thankfully he was sitting behind the desk.  Reassured we walked off to our hotel.

Lille is lovely and we spent the fine day wandering the streets.  There is mix of very ornate and industrial heritage.

We visited the cathedral which was described as one of the oddest in France, given that it is hidden away and actually not easy to find.  It is relatively modern (built mid 1800s) in typical grand style but inside  Inside there are pieces of modern religious art and the style is very modern.  Quite pleasant in it's own way.

French food continues to be great.  Andrew today has managed to fit in a chocolate tart (mmmmm) 

and frogs legs for entree at lunch.  It was quite funny when the waiter brought them to the table in there little pot.  He said, Grenouille and thinking we didn't know what we had ordered then smiled and said "froggies" :-)

And just in case you wonder why there are lots of pictures of Andrew this trip, it is because we are traveling with only the ipads and I can only upload pictures from my iPad card reader won't take Andew's card

The day ended in an Italian restaurant where we didn't know whether to try and destroy the French language or the Italian!  Having had a good lunch we needed less for dinner so thought one Pizza to share would do.  We were 1st in the restaurant at 7:05, but by 7:30 the place was close to full and buzzing.

One waiter spoke good English - having lived a year in Melbourne - and he tried sooo hard to translate the specials to English we felt we couldnt just order a Pizza.  So after 2 bowls of Minestrone, one shared pizza, 2 pichet of Sicilian wine we finished a excellent and fun meal.  And Andrew also ate a loaf of bread to mop up the fantastic olive oil.  Turns out the owner goes to Sicily every 2 months and brings back olives and they press their own olive oil.  Miam Miam!

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