Tuesday, January 17, 2012

La Clusaz

 First up was to get our hire skis and passes and with that done we were on the slopes by 10:30am.

Andrew was in his element and found his skills coming back.  The 1st day was a little checking things out and then there was no stopping him.  Up one chairlift, ski down, up another lift ski down.  By the second day the confidence was in full flow.

The variety of runs are great, the views spectacular and the body feels the workout.(quote direct from the lips of ski-Wunderkind AJ)

Paula had a play on Saturday and was off to a lesson on Sunday morning.  This was great and by the end was moving with quiet confidence, at her own pace and level.  After lunch Sunday Andrew came up the easy area to check on progress.

Agreeing I had improved remarkably (compared to next to zero ability day 1) I proceeded to tell him my goal for the afternoon was to practice parallel turns before tomorows lesson.  It was not about speed, but about technique.  So he agreed to follow me down the slope where I practicing this.  But being Andrew he couldn't manage to keep behind.  Normally he would give a wide berth around another skier. But. Noooo. Not around me, he happily skied straight into my path and wiped me out - my only wipe out on the slopes all day caused solely by my impatient husband!  For the record I fell over once while waiting for my instructor.  As I was standing still at the time and wasn't skiing he said it didn't count as a fall on the slopes ;-)

The weather has been sunny and the conditions good with plently of snow but they have not had a fall for about a week and will need more snow soon.

Obviously not venturing as far as Andrew the scenic pics I have are limited, but the Ski-field, the village and the valley are very picturesque.

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