Sunday, January 15, 2012

Belem and blah

 When we were planning this trip and deciding whether to make a trip down to Lisbon, one of the deciding factors was that we could go out to Belem and have some of the world famous Pateis de Nata.  And they really are worth a three hour journey (and we really like Lisbon)

We did exactly the same journey in May 2009. See May 2009

All that really needs to be said is that they were delicious.

Sadly the rest of the day was decidely blah foodwise, but we did have a nice time.

Lunch of soup and a sandwich was tasteless, we had to spend 30 minutes in a department store to get a discount voucher that was worth 3 euro in the end, and dinner was a major low.

Cafe Nicola looked bright and welcoming.  it had been there for a long period and had its history written around the walls.  However best to stick to just coffee there - don't eat there.  Starters were OK and the waitress attentive. Mains were preceded by having bibs tied around our necks.  We were only eating steak! And the steak was blah.  Then the waitress basically disappeared.  We had the hardest time getting someone to give us our bill, which was not cheap for the quality of the experience.

We did pop into a local spot for a coffee which was cheap and really good.  We had looked for some places to dine while walking and on the Internet, but nothing jumped out at us.

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