Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The bag

Once upon a time there was a small red backpack.  It had travelled on the Eurostar from Lille to London.  And then it got on a train to Cambridge.  It was comfortable in the overhead compartment while it's owner sat below reading his Financial Times.  At Cambridge the owner and his wife got off with their suitcases.  But the backpack decided it wanted to travel alone on a crowded train Saturday evening 5pm train for another 50 minutes through to Kings Lynn.

Outside Cambridge station the bags owner, let's call him AJ, realised the backpack was still on the train.  The thought of 2 iPads and a bottle of French wine heading away unaccompanied caused him a certain amount of distress.

The station kindly rang the Kings Lynn station and asked them to contact if the bag was still there at Kings Lynn.

Eventually a call came and the news was good, the bag complete with iPads had been found.  The owner, AJ, could go to sleep, relieved.  In the morning they took a train to Kings Lynn and were happily reunited with the bag and it's contents. 

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