Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vroom vroom & Chocolat

We left Paris in our iittle rental car ~a VW Golf and had an easy run down the motorway for 2 hours and then left the motorway to meander through some smaller villages on our way to Beaune.  

We had Beef Bourguignon for lunch at Semur-en-Auxerre before heading to Flavigny-sur-Orzelain. Flavigny is famous for 2 things the 1st is it's Anise lollies.  And the 2nd is this is where the movie "Chocolat" was filmed.  

Sadly the factory lolly shop was closed - but we picked some up at the supermarket.  Most of the rest of the town was almost deserted, but you could see the atmosphere and character.  And I imagine it would be atrocious  in the height of summer with the bus loads of tourists teeming through the place.

We are staying at an apartment 20km out of Beaune, in the village of Nolay.  Not the most atmospheric of villages, but it is nice to be out of the tourist hustle that is Beaune.

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