Friday, December 23, 2011


We travelled to Paris via Hanoi arriving about 6.30 am. After the usual stuff we purchased our day pass for public transport (20 euro each) and off to The Latin Quarter to our hotel on the RER train.  Then we needed to change to the metro at Notre Dame.  Easy peasy. We had printed out travel instructions but had not included the walk between the two (not interconnected) stations.  As a result our return to Paris started with a half hour effectively walking the blocks around Notre Dame before we found the direction we were supped to go and the 5 minute walk to the metro.  Our hotel was not ready as it was only 9:00am, so we dropped the bags and headed off.

Within in 5 minutes we had found the excellent Eric Kayser bakery and were nibbling on a croissant and having a coffee.  All the Bread, pastries and sweet temptations in the cabinets beside us were there just waiting for us...

The sun was shining and the temperature cool, but not cold.  So we decided to ease into France with a trip to Gallleries Lafayette - just to remind ourselves what retail is. 

We then headed off to find a menu for lunch and ended up at an excellent little place that was turning people away because it was full.  

To finish our afternoon we walked the Christmas market along the Champs Elysee.  It was busy, but it was twice as busy when we returned about 7pm to see the lights. To get into the spirit we had some Gluhwien and sausages & tartiflette for our dinner.  

Not a bad day where the only money we spent was on transport and eating.

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