Saturday, December 3, 2011

Colds and incidents

It has been a quiet few weeks with life as usual.  So Andrew has taken it upon himself to make his own entertainment.

This week there has been the Cold – which half the rest of Vientiane has also been suffering.  Andrew didn’t get the same chest cold as me, he got an “infection”.  It seemed a lot like a chest cold, but ohhhh sooooo much worse.  Team him up with one of our neighbours, who is also “suffering terribly”, and you have the President and Vice-President of the Laos man-flu club.  (on a positive note the cough has reduced from seal-barks to a more gentle hyena hiss, and next week we hope for a miracle full-recovery)

[on reading this in his editorial capacity I was told I had to say he also had a sore back last week from trying to lift two large water containers.  We are lucky this has also come right]

The cold may be what led to a small international incident in a local supermarket.  He went in and purchased some tea bags and then found he had been charged too much.  On returning to the store he was standing in the aisle and showing the shop attendant the price on the shelf and the price on the docket were different.  The young man was swinging his arms around to catch the attention of a fellow worker for a second opinion when the cringe-worthy incident happened.  

Being somewhat shorter than Andrew, the returning arc of the swinging arm managed to hit Andrew in the privates in a solid, but non-injurious, thump.  Both parties were horrified!!!  Andrew started glaring at the man.  The young man could see his shop career disappearing in front of his eyes and started apologising and retreating at a rapid pace.  In Andrew’s words “he seemed to disappear through a solid concrete wall” and was not seen again.  On the positive side Andrew was refunded the $1 he was overcharged and managed to ride home with his chest infection, sore back and wounded crown jewels.

And in his spare time he has been modelling his ski hat and neck warmer.  While temperatures are dropping noticeably here – they are not quite needed yet.
On the other hand I have caused no issues and have been generally well behaved.
[Andrew here, women sometimes have a blinds spot about their behaviour, and the impact of their cold.]

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