Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rain Man Andrew

Rainy season is drawing to a close and most rain has been falling at night so it doesn't affect us too badly. 

When we get a torrential downpour - it buckets down.

This afternoon it came down and I thought Andrew had postponed his swim when the rain started.  But when I looked outside . . .

No apologies  for the wobbly camera and soft focusing - it is hard to shot with an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other

And while he is getting a hard time... here is how it looks when he has dried off after the pool.  Perhaps some remedial tuition on how to operate a towel is needed?  Nah, who needs a towel when you have a T-Shirt.


  1. Nothing like a good swim in the rain! But when are you going to lose the floppy hat???? It's got to go Dad.

  2. Wow, the mind boggles AJ, it really does - you are a laugh. Ditto with Chlo's hat comment - you look like a 60 yo woman.