Friday, August 19, 2011

Cruising around Vientiane

A couple of weekends back was the 1st time in a while that we have had a free weekend here in Vientiane and good weather at the same time.  So we headed out on our bikes on Sunday morning and rode.  A 16km ride in fact.  Doesn’t sound like much but in the heat it does feel a little further.  [Actually the temperature doesn’t get too bad until the afternoon and we rode in the morning – but we wont let that ruin a good justification]

Riding alongside paddy fields on one side and residential on the other we spotted this man checking his fishing line, while floating on his inner tube.

It is still rainy season and plently of water is needed for the rice grow.  Unfortunately there have been a couple of tropical storms with too much rain and many people have had their crops washed away.

Back in the ‘suburbs’ not too far from our place we found a cafe.  Not just a cafe, but a place that sells the BEST chocolate cake we have had in Laos. 
We ordered our coffee and a slice to share.  However as it was hoovered up in a surprisingly short time we had to order another.

yes Andrew …we will return there.  In fact we went back this week and confirmed the chocolate cake is superb. 

And an unusual construction scene here.  It has a superb safety message.  Then you look closer at the workmen pulling the paper off the building, and you see there are no harnesses and everyone is in bare feet.  At least because this building is so big they have metal scaffolding rather than the ‘traditional’ Asian bamboo variety.

And another find as we returned home was to discover David Beckham has been modelling for the tailor in the street over from us…who knew

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