Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some random ponderings about a newspaper story…cheese in a can and gingernuts

There was a story on the front page of the Bangkok Post on Friday about a Black Hawk helicopter crash on the Thai-Burmese Border.  It had been searching for another military helicopter that had crashed in the area earlier in the week. 

The picture that accompanied the story was of the military mules that were supporting the rescue effort in tough terrain.  It seemed an odd juxtaposition of high tech military equipment (Black Hawk Helicopters) and an army battalion that still maintained mules.  Sadly a 3rd helicopter went down in the same spot earlier today.  The causes of the first 2 crashes was weather and the 3rd mechanical failure – according to the military.  There is a little speculation the helicopters have been shot down but a quick internet search also suggests the Tahi military don't have a spotless safety record with helicopters.

Also you have to wonder about their banner sub-heading - the "Bankok Post.  The Newspaper you can trust"  as opposed to all those newspaper's you can't trust? 

And another random advertisement from the Bangkok Post classifieds.  It’s all available here

We have been eating some wonderful French Camembert.  It is a normal small circle but it comes in a pressurized can and it has wonderful mature buttery flavour.  Pere Toinou ....mmmmmm yummmm
Real cheese in a can, French wine in a box...what will we try next?

And lastly when we were in Sri Lanka we found gingernuts that look like Griffins gingernuts – but the flavour is like the NZ gingernuts put on steroids.  Smaller in size to the NZ biscuits, the punchy ginger makes the NZ version seem almost insipid in comparision.  Paula bought 10 packets to bring back to Laos.

Random musings, over and out...

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