Friday, April 1, 2011

New bar on the Mekhong

Near us a new bar has (re)opened.  It was apparently displaced as part of the river bank works further along the Mekhong and has been re-established close to us and built in local river style up on stilts with lots of shade.  The Highland bar is obviously an ex-pat hang out i.e. no locals, western music and cars parked out front as opposed to just motorbikes.  Western music might not sound particularly exciting, but if you have sat in a local karaoke establishment where they belt out Thai pop, then you would understand it's appeal.

It was fun and we watched the sun set looking at Thailand over the Mekhong river.  You can see the green vegetables being grown in the area behind Paula's shoulder.  The road is raised as part of the major stop bank works being done.

All around is local arable land and lots of locals parading (promenading) along the road, and below the road on the stop bank.

Maybe we have a new local watering spot.

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