Sunday, April 10, 2011

Andrew - Big Kid on holiday (reposted with video)

I was working in Luang Prabang (world heritage city) on Friday so we decided to both come up and spend the weekend here. Next week is Pi Mai – Lao New Year and lots of people celebrate, drink etc.

One tradition is the throwing of water to wish good luck and wash away bad spirits. Well children here have started celebrating this already. It's all good natured and in the heat of the day a bit of water is a welcome relief from the mid-to late 30 temperatures.

Perhaps seeing Andrew drinking his Mojito from a straw may have been a clue what was going to happen today.

Perhaps the longing looks at the water guns on the main street should have told me what was going to happen next

Surely the unarmed encounter with the small child on the main street should have told me…

Next stop was the local market and the purchase of a water pistol. Accompanied by the words "I don't like to feel unarmed" enter Jackson. Andrew Jackson, agent 007 (on the maturity scale)

Check out the look of childish joy at the end of this video…

I don't know what will happen next week when the water throwing is REALLY supposed to happen!!!


  1. Some people never grow up do they! Hilarious commentary, photos & film Paula. Those poor innocent little children being harassed by giant AJ. Very impressed you refrained from purchasing a bazooka dad!

  2. Haha classic stuff AJ.

  3. Brilliant! Perhaps a bazooka will be brought for this weeks antics.

  4. OMG!Some kids never grow up do they.

  5. AJ - it looks like these kids took you to the cleaners! Perhaps a bucket would be more effective.

    I know someone who's getting a supersoaker3000 for xmas...