Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday Bangkok Post Newspaper

Recently we have been buying a copy of the Bangkok Post, Saturday edition.  Often it isn't in the shop until Sunday morning, but it quite nice to read sitting in the sun before lunch.

A few of the highlights this week were.... the story illustrating the strained state of Cambodia / Thai border politics "they agreed to stop working on the road after the Cambodian soldiers threatened to shoot them"

Then there was the snippet about the snake and the silicone poisoning - which Andrew found immensely amusing!

This week there was no advertisement for plastic surgery.  Usually on the front of the classifieds is a price list for procedures at a Bangkok clinic.  Some of the procedures we are not sure what they even are.  However there is one we can understand in principle - for a mere USD $1,600 you can have a sex change. 

Or perhaps you would like a job as a member of Thai airways cabin crew.  But there are a few conditions that you need to meet.  For example some include... you need to be under 26 years old, over 160cm with weight in proportion to height (within company standards), you need to have "Thai manners"?, a minimum of a bachelors degree in any field, have never been married or had children, etc. And the employment contract will cease at age 45.
And a comment on last week's weather in Bangkok - it was very cold - look the traders in this picture - braving the cold snap with temperatures in the low 20's!

It has been cold to in Vientiane, with temperatures for 4 days last week not even getting into the 20s.  And it rained!  It is not supposed to do that for another 2 months and was considered quite unusual.

We still needed to get about so the rain ponchos we purchased in Hanoi came out again this week.  Poncho up under the helmet, rain hood tucked behind the ears (otherwise you can't hear),  backpack under the poncho, work clothes in a plastic bag in the front basket, jandals to deal with the spray off the road - and off into the rain

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