Friday, March 4, 2011

Saigon – District 1

We returned from the Vietnam coast and had an afternoon and night in Saigon. We used our time to follow a printed a two hour walking tour of District 1. It took us a bit longer than that due taking time out to look in some stores ( the air conditioning is appealing) and beer stops (it was hot and humid).
All the bricks for the Notre Dame Cathedral had been imported from France. 

Across the road was the Post Office building. The Post Office building and interior reflect a gracious past and is fully functional.

We walked past the the Reunification palace ( previously President of South Vietnams palace) but didn't feel compelled to go inside.

Saigon has huge number of bikes that appear to go faster than Hanoi. They poured off a ferry in a block and rapidly funneled onto city streets.

If the traffic is rather clogged and motorbike riders commonly take to the footpath to get ahead of their fellow riders.

Motorbikes doing heavy duty
We went through the large central market has a huge variety of food and other goods.

The market operators are most pushy we have encountered anywhere but they are superb retailers. I purchased 3 shirts for NZ$13 each and was happy. I am sure they were too.   Although when we visited after lunch a high number were having a snooze at their stalls aided by the stuffy warm atmosphere.

We ate and drank well and we were happy tourists with our time in Saigon.

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