Sunday, March 27, 2011

The process of a barbecue

Last weekend he boned, butterflied and marinated a leg of NZ lamb - from Waipukerau.  At NZD 40 it is expensive compared to other things we eat here, but not unreasonable compared to NZ prices.

Here we obviously do not have a gas barbecue and are mastering the intricacies of charcoal.  Andrew is in his element!  He was so looking forward to the barbecue he set the alarm on his phone so he didn't miss the time to light the BBQ. 

Note the extreme concentration placing the fire lighters and charcoal

Note the lattice pattern of the impregnated fire sticks, the precision and symmetry of the charcoal a lot of concentration and effort went into this. 
(Grade A export charcoal that was purchased from the maker on a trip down south)

The lit charcoal is allowed to burn for half an hour - with expert supervision monitoring progress closely.  And then he had a 2nd alarm to tell him when to put the meat on :-)

Only then are the pieces of lamb introduced to the heat.

Other residents of the apartments were interested to see what Andrew was doing and were keen to learn from his obvious expertise.

PS: yummy lamb

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