Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blogging with Andrew

So the previous post was pretty much done by Andrew. It is probably no secret that I often get the material from my dear husband and edit it into something a little more readable – action words, full sentences etc. Bullet points will only go so far outside memos!

The process for this post was that Andrew wrote it all himself with some minimal editing input from me – perhaps the message on content is sinking in J

Then we get to the technical side – loading and posting. The process went something like this…

AJ: Ok, I have uploaded the text for blogger

PJ: Open the blog page in Internet Explorer and sign in

AJ: [Typing in the Internet explorer menu bar…"AJ"… and a list of recently opened pages starting with those letter appear below the bar]
Andrew hits a random link with the mouse and ends up on a completely different page than

PJ: Why did you choose that link?

AJ: It just went there {yeah right} [Tries again, and gets to the page]

PJ: 1st you need to sign in

AJ: Sign in, How do I do that?

PJ: Look at the screen – where do you think?

AJ: [After a 15 second pause] Maybe I'll use the "Sign In" link

PJ: Yes, that might be a good idea. Now choose "edit"

AJ: [Random mouse actions]

PJ: Edit… EDIT , no EDIT, choose EDIT you idiot

AJ: Don't yell at me. Ok I'll click edit . Done. See that was easy. [starts to walk away]

PJ: Where are you going?

AJ: I think I'll have a piece of cake

PJ: Not until you load one picture – so you can understand the process.

AJ: Where are the photos?

PJ: In folder XYZ, half way down the page

AJ: [Tab to Bottom of Page]

PJ: Too far, just halfway

AJ:[Tab to Top of Page], [Tab to Bottom of Page], [Tab to Top of Page], [Tab to Bottom of Page], [Tab to Top of Page], [Tab to Bottom of Page], [Tab to Top of Page], [Tab to Bottom of Page],

PJ: ######%^&*#####%%%%%*

AJ: Oh, just there

AJ: [selects a photo] and hits upload, and then 2 other random keys. As a result the loaded photo has to be manually reselected and posted into the blog.

AJ: There, I put a photo in the blog post. It's not so hard is it. I think I'll have that cake now and you can put in the remainder of the photos.

Patience Pills required!!!


  1. Ha ha this post was very entertaining! Not unlike the conversations I have with Mark's parents when using the computer!

  2. Brilliant! Best laugh I've had for a while!
    AJ - sooo serious ;-)
    Chris B