Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back in Vientiane

We returned to Laos late February and there are differences. It is hotter, some days are reaching 38 degrees, the leaves are falling – a lack of rain is my conclusion, 
but there are some stunning flowers about.

 We have not identified this tree yet.  It has unusal pods - which looked like curled up leaves from a distance, but really are fruit.  If anyone knows what it is…we would love to know. 

There are plentiful seasonal fruits by the truck load of water melon, sugar cane being processed for drinks,

An old friend from Auckland made contact a couple of days ago and we met Mike at the Sunset Bar.

It is at the northern end of town built out on the river's edge in a rather basic style, the beer was great (cold) the peanuts tasty and the sunset over the Mekong was stunning. Regrettably it is likely to be demolished to allow for a new retaining wall to be built to manage the water flows in the wet season.
We went on to enjoy a great French meal at "La Cave des Chateaux", beside the Namphou fountain. One needs some variety from fried rice.

Hanging on the wall of the restaurant is a notable NZ connection - a Counties Manukau jersey.  A gift from regular NZ cliental, a few years back. Mike checked to make sure it was still on display, after chatting with the chef and his wife.

Paula is back working so I am chief cook and bottle washer while a couple of potential projects for me have their details completed.

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