Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On the beach at Ho Tram

There is a lovely beach a few metres away from our bungalow.  The water is warm and the waves invigorating - wonderful South China seas.

And recliners and beach art

Nearby the local fishermen go about their daily tasks.  The traditional shaped boats are still used - although they are a mix of natural cane construction and more modern plastic form.

The catch is brought back to the beach to be sorted and sized.

Sadly there seems to be a high level of plastic rubbish brought in in each net.  Andrew likes to interact with the fishermen and women - just dying to give them some advice - for once I am thankful there is a language barrier that stops him doing so.

You can see him thinking " if you added an outboard motor
you could cover twice as much ground"
As well as boats they use surf casting and net trawling for shellfish.

And after a busy day patrolling *HIS* beach Andrew likes to sit back and relax, trying to set a new fashion trend for dealing with his sunglasses and reading glasses by wearing both of them attached to his head at the same time.

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