Monday, January 17, 2011

A quiet week

We have had a quiet week.  On Saturday I travelled back from the south of the country.  Leaving at 6:00am I was back in at the apartment at 7:00pm.  In the middle there was however a 2 hour lunch with some friends of my travelling companions and some superb local hospitality.  So the rest of that weekend was quiet.

Flora around our apartment complex

The week has been good.  Made better by the visit of Sarah from NZ, lately of Hong Kong.  She has been taking time out from work and travelling.  Andrew has been practicing to be a local tour guide.

Today we had a fantastic lunch at a very good French restaurant. 

Cashew Nut cake for dessert

Then some time in the sun by the pool.  It has been very cold here earlier this week and we have been wearing jerseys.  But the temperatures have been increasing steadily over the week.  It is dipping to under 15 degrees at night and we have been sleeping without the aircon!

This week we have had to SHARE
 the area around the pool with
other people!  That is not normal
Andrew begins his journey back to NZ on Friday morning, so a few things to be sorted before then...

A man's work is never done - although
note the glass of beer close at hand

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