Monday, January 3, 2011

Civic Administration Building

While we have been here in Vientiane we have been watching the construction progress of a very large building. Initially, we had no idea what it was but eventually found out it is the new civic administration building. Every time we pass Andrew feels the need to stop and check out progress.

Earlier this week I saw there was an opening ceremony (it is very near my work) so we had another look while out at the weekend.

The front is painted, mature plants have been planted and the flagpoles have been installed. You can just see a man on the tiled roof, with his bamboo ladder, fixing something in front of the gold city symbol.  When you go around the side and back it is a different story.

This weekend Andrew also felt a conversation with the workers about the scaffolding would be informative. His slow (English) pronunciation and miming/pointing left the three workers he was talking to bemused and confused.

And in his normal manner there was a need to get a better view through the fence.

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