Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hanoi: Vietnam: Traffic

The traffic in Hanoi is constant and loud.  Some riders and drivers seem to have become addicted to using their horns. 

The only way to cross the road is to wait for a small gap in the traffic, step out and head across to the other side at a steady pace.  The vehicles go easily around you and after the 1st heart stopping time doing it, it really is easy and works well.  The best advice is to try and cross when there is a child or old person on your traffic side, but that isn't always possible :-)

The traffic in the centre of town with 5 streets feeding into this square - and it all flows.

And if you watch the video below you will see Andrew (white shirt, blue trousers and quite tall) on the other side of the street, centre of screen, and his calm & steady journey through the melee.


Motorbikes and bicycles are the vehicular beasts of burden.  Some of the loads we saw were quite staggering.

It took 3 people to lift whatever was in this green sack onto the back of this bike.  We are not sure how he drove away or the state of the bike suspension

Andrew spotted a man loading 2 metal girders onto to his bicycle and had to stop, lend a hand, and only because of the language difference did he refrain from giving the chap advice. But he kept a close eye on proceedings. Lucky Andrew can't understand Vietnamese and 'go away strange foreigner who is staring at me'

And for the tourists the cycle taxi still cruises the streets

For ease of access to the footpath for parking, use a curb-step ladder which gets moved along the parking spot as needed

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  1. Great street theatre Andrew. You can't stop or go back - you just need to walk slowly and deliberately and assume equal status with the vehicles.