Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hanoi: Food

We seemed to spend a reasonable amount of this trip either eating or looking at food and of course, drinking

We arrived on Thursday night and were directed to a couple of good restaurants down our street by our hotel.  We ended up at Cafe 69 which is a westernised restaurant - catering to the tourists and in the guidebooks - but the food was excellent and cheap.  A shared starter of spring rolls, 2 mains and a number of beers cost us under NZD 25.  Tiger is the big beer here and it was very good.  We tried the Hanoi beer but it wasn't so good.

We went local with a street restaurant sitting on miniature plastic stools.  Seeing the world go by from the lower viewpoint was fun and the food good.

A really great lunch was at a place recommended by Sarah Jordan.  Koto is a training restaurant training street kids in hospitality.  It was a slick service and we enjoyed the food very much.

Then there was really lovely meal at a more expensive restaurant "Green Tangerine"  Our starter soup was three soups - which we thought would come in three bowls but it came in a glass with them layered on top of each other - and they were delicious Beef broth on top, Coconut rice in the middle, and onions in red wine on the bottom.  Amazingly the flavours complemented each other superbly.

Followed by Steak and potato gratin, complemented by a lovely red wine it was a very nice meal.

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