Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bike Hash

On another fine warm Sunday here in Vientiane we went on our first bike hash - 25km or so. 

Hash House Harriers are found around the world and are non-competitive running & walking and socialising & drinking clubs.  A trail is set by the 'Hare' beforehand and along the way markers in chalk or paper dropped and the Hashers  work out where the trail is supposed to go.  Afterwards there is a 'circle' and a review of the evening's proceedings/banter/drinking/eating.  We have been to one of the weekly after-work runs and met some very interesting people.

Then there is a monthly bicycle hash.  We turned up at the Nam Phu fountain in the centre of town at 9:00am meeting time.  By the time everyone's bikes had been loaded onto the trucks and utes there were about 24 people - and more people than seats inside the member's vehicles.

Unloading the bikes
Andrew had his first experience of the local custom of packing as many humans in the back tray of a ute.  He got to ride the 20 minutes out to the location of the ride with the wind whipping through his hair - like a cow on it's way to the works.  At times he wasn't sure just where to hold the ute as the driver was reaching some very good speeds and had great acceleration.  The ladies managed to get a seat inside the vehicles.

The ride set off and went through villages, round ponds, down roads, on sand, on dirt, alongside rice paddies... and one snake was seen rearing up in the grass

Decisions, decisions, do we go left now or is the marker to the right????

People got lost and had to be rounded up at the two pre determined beer stop destinations.  One after about 9 km, the 2nd after about another 9km, and another 7km back to base...all up the DIRECT route was supposed to be 25km.  We probably did a bit more with the back tracking.

Back at base about 2:30pm and some well deserved beers and lunch.  We grabbed a ride back to town and spent a  v e r y, v e r y, quiet evening - it had been hard work!

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  1. Brenda and I understand what hard work biking can be!